Canadian Sketch Comedy from Writers/Creators Michael Hayes, Steven Hayes and Alex Scott


Nutjobs Quickie – Texting in Real Life

What would happen if we talked the way we text?

Nutjobs Quickie – Cooking From Your Home

There’s always a great meal waiting for you…?


Nutjobs Short – The Acting Dead

Not everyone can take directions.


The Terrifried Menu

Check out the ‘Terrifried’ menu! There are lots of bonus gut-wrenching descriptions.
And don’t forget to watch the Nutjobs Short ‘Terrifried’ here:

Click on the image for a closer look!


Nutjobs Short – Terrifried

A date goes wrong when a restaurant serves up weird and exotic menu items.

Nutjobs Short – CA$H4GOLD

Let this guy take care of your unwanted and unruly gold.

Fantasy Hockey Dads – Outtakes

Here are some Outtakes and more improv moments from the Nutjobs Short “Fantasy Hockey Dads”.
WARNING: Some more saucy language contained within.


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